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A CFO can lead the organisation towards digital transformation

Companies are still in the early stages of applying digital technologies to finance processes in ways that will create more efficiencies, insights, and value over the long term. Here is how the CFO can lead the way.Click Here for complete report.
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UiPath Named Leader in Forrester Robotic Process Automation Report

Feat Systems proud to be an partner of UiPath as UiPath has been recognized as a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q2 2018” report, which gave it the highest score among all vendors in the current offering category.
Following a thorough assessment, UiPath achieved the highest score in the “Current Offering” category, the highest possible score in the “Market Presence” category and among the highest scores in the “Strategy” category, and also scored highest in the criteria of Bot development/core UI/desktop functions, architecture, system management and reporting.
Click Hereto read the official statement and download the report.

Digital Account Opening Process: UiPath RPA Bot controlling eKYC Process via cognitive chatbot

The complete process summarise as below along with process architecture & video presentation. User Side(Cognitive ChatBot) - ChatBot asks customer/user to Input Pancard, Aadhaar details - ChatBot asks customer/user to Upload Pancard and Aadhaar copy (PDF) to FTP - ChatBot asks customer/user to Input Aadhaar OTP from user - ChatBot provide all data to RPA Bot via API - ChatBot provide account information to customer provided by RPA Bot via API Backend (RPA) - RPA Bot Open eKYC webApp - RPA Bot Enter Aadhaar & PAN - RPA Bot Validate Aadhaar with OTP - RPA Bot Fetch Aadhaar detail - RPA Bot Download PDF from FTP - RPA Bot Open Download Aadhaar PDF - RPA Bot Match Aadhaar Detail with PDF using OCR - RPA Bot Submit Form to eKYC App - RPA Bot Submit Data to CRM and BackOffice systems to generate new account code. - RPA Bot provide customer account information to ChatBot via API process #automation#ArtificialIntelligence

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RPA Case Study : UiPath BOT Controlling Outlook, Web Application, Excel, FTP & PDF Reading by OCR

Order processing use case steps as below,

- Email received with PDF attachment
- RPA Bot scanned and identified Email
- RPA Bot Download PDF from attachment & put at FTP location
- RPA Bot open PDF from FTP location & read required data from it using OCR
- RPA Bot save data to EXCEL template
- RPA Bot Open Web application
- RPA Bot read EXCEL & Add data to webpage

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How digital workforce complements & enable human workforce to focus on executing complex/higher value work

#digital workforce can be enabled by #Robotics#Process#automation and #ArtificialIntelligence

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